Hospital Door Sets


Pacific Doors offers a range of Hospital door sets that has ensured Pacific Doors has been the preferred hospital door manufacturer in New Zealand for over 15 years and has supplied quality door systems to almost all of the major health boards.

Pacific Doors Hospital and Mental Health door sets are manufactured to ensure that they can survive the extremely robust environment that hospitals are. With trolleys and beds constantly being pushed through doors, Pacific Doors uses durable materials and solid core doors to provide a high level of impact resistance. Pacific Doors Hospital range of doors can be combined with our extensive range fire and acoustic technology.

Pacific Doors also offers a specialist range of hospital door sets such as X-Ray Barrier door sets and Neutron Shielding door sets that offer protection from radioactive materials. These specialist door types combined with Pacific Doors range of highly durable standard, fire rated and acoustic hospital doors, including the Double Action Bi-Fold Door sets (which are the preferred ensuite door where accessibility is a concern) enables Pacific Doors to provide a complete hospital door package.

Pacific Doors has earned its place in the market by continuing to design hospital door systems that actively help in the design and construction of the hospital as a whole.

One such example of this is the Pacific Doors 2-part steel frame system. This frame system allows the door sets to be installed after the walls have been lined. This technology has redefined how the construction plan of the build is staged, and is now the preferred door framing system across hospitals nationwide.

Product Code Description Options

The Pacific Hospital door set is a solid core door that includes features designed to increase impact resistance and durability in high-use situations. This door set is available in a range of finishes and is prehung in either a timber or steel frame.

The Pacific Offset Bi-Fold door set is designed for easier opening by those with mobility issues, and better use of available space, in comparison to a standard hinged door set.

The Pacific Double Action Bi-Fold door set is similar to the Offset Bi-Fold however the Double Action Bi-Fold Door Set can be accessed from either direction using the same opening action.

The pacific Double Action Bi-Fold Bariatric door set consists of a double acting bi-fold door in conjunction with a hinged door in a common frame. The Pacific Double Action Bi-Fold Bariatric door set is designed for maximising access into bathrooms with bariatric requirements creating easier accessibility and better use of available space, in comparison to a standard hinged door set.

The Pacific Emergency Access door set is intended for toilets in hospitals and similar situations where emergency access may be required. The Emergency Access door set has a pivoting action and a retractable stop to enable the door to be opened in case of emergency.

The Pacific X-ray Barrier door set is a side-hung solid core door set manufactured with lead or lead-equivalent core as required for secondary barriers in diagnostic x-ray rooms. The door set is available with a variety of facings, vision panel options & sizes, and is prehung in a lead-lined steel frame.

The Neutron Shielding door is used for radiation shielding in medical linear accelerator bunkers or similar facilities. Doors are designed to suit specific applications and can be hinged swinging doors or sliding doors.

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